Re: [Evolution] Header 'From' field gets stripped

I'm switching to evolution from icedove aka thunderbird. I have to say
that setting up an account was really easy. But I have a problem
displaying my name in header 'From' field. In Gmail's webmail it shows
like that:
From: "Jose G." =?ISO-8859-1?Q?L=F3pez?= <josgalo gmail com>

So it gets stripped and I only can see 'Jose G.'. I have configured
everything to use UTF-8.
I'm using the version 3.4.3. What can be the problem?

The From: header in the list mail I got from you displays correctly in
Evo 3.2.3 - i.e. 

  "From: "Jose G." =?ISO-8859-1?Q?L=F3pez?= <josgalo gmail com>"

is displayed as: 

  "From:        Jose G. LÃpez <josgalo gmail com>"

which is what I presume you want.  Have you had a look at the source of
the email message in Evo (using Ctrl-U) to see what is actually in the


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