Re: [Evolution] Contacts - LDAP - search limit

On Sun, 2012-07-22 at 14:49 +0100, Ricardo Esteves wrote:
When i search my ldap address book, sometimes i get this error:
This query did not complete successfully.
GDBus.Error:org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.AddressBook.SearchSizeLimitExceeded: Search size limit exceeded
Is there anyway to increase the search limit?

Possibly this is a limit on the server [what is the DSA?].

Are you using a simple or a SASL bind;  search limits may differ depends
on how the limit is imposed.

ASIDE: for OpenLDAP see

Does Evolution support result paging? Result paging is the official way
for a client to walk through all search results (getting around search
results; RFC2696 pagedResultsControl)

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