Re: [Evolution] Problems Configuring EWS-Connector to Exchange 2010

Got it. 
Running "EWS_DEBUG=2 evolution" from the command line was useful. 
In addition, I also just noticed and selected the "Check for new
messages in all folders" box on tab 3 (Receiving Options) of the
Evolution Account editor. This may account for my recent configuration

On Fri, 2012-07-20 at 23:11 -0800, Portsample wrote:
I am having an extremely difficult time configuring Evolution
v3.4.2-3.1.1 with EWS-connector v3.4.2-2.1.1 running on openSuse 12.2
RC1 with my employers new Microsoft Exchange 2010 mail server.

Pasting the URL: in the
Firefox web browser I get a popup requesting username and password.
Entering jsdoe for userid and my current password, I get the xml script
posted at the bottom of this message. The URL for this script is

Evolution returns the below address using autodiscover,

This URL returns errors in both Evolution and when pasted into a
browser, (server not found).

From what I've read in postings on this topic the URL: with mcd\jsdoe as userid
should work, (with "mcd" being the domain that OWA required pasted
before my userid.)

In addition to the above, I have methodically gone through nearly all of
the permutations that Google has returned regarding possible setups.

What am I missing here? My little Android phone logged right into the
new server using and mcd\jsdoe for configuration.
Thanks in advance for advice and clarity. 

Below is the response when logging in using the Firefox web browser:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated
with it. The document tree is shown below.
schemaLocation="messages.xsd"/></xs:schema></wsdl:types><wsdl:message name="UploadItemsSoapIn"><wsdl:part 
name="request" element="tns:UploadItems"/><wsdl:part name="Impersonation" 
element="t:ExchangeImpersonation"/><wsdl:part name="MailboxCulture" element="t:MailboxCulture"/><wsdl:part 
name="RequestVersion" element="t:RequestServerVersion"/></wsdl:message><wsdl:message 
name="UploadItemsSoapOut"><wsdl:part name="UploadItemsResult" element="tns:UploadItemsResponse"/><wsdl:part 
name="ServerVersion" element="t:ServerVersionInfo"/></wsdl:message><wsdl:message 
name="ExportItemsSoapIn"><wsdl:part name="request" element="tns:ExportItems"/><wsdl:part 
name="Impersonation" element="t:ExchangeImpersonation"/><wsdl:part name="MailboxCulture" 
element="t:MailboxCulture"/><wsdl:part name="RequestVersion" e!

<...omitted for brevity...>

 message="tns:UpdateInboxRulesSoapIn" part="TimeZoneContext"
use="literal"/><soap:body parts="request"
parts="UpdateInboxRulesResult" use="literal"/><soap:header
message="tns:UpdateInboxRulesSoapOut" part="ServerVersion"
 message="tns:GetPasswordExpirationDateSoapIn" part="MailboxCulture" use="literal"/><soap:header 
message="tns:GetPasswordExpirationDateSoapIn" part="RequestVersion" use="literal"/><soap:body 
parts="request" use="literal"/></wsdl:input><wsdl:output><soap:body parts="GetPasswordExpirationDateResult" 
use="literal"/><soap:header message="tns:GetPasswordExpirationDateSoapOut" part="ServerVersion" 

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