[Evolution] How to input addresses in bulk into contact list

I am using Evolution 2.26.1. (I know, I'm sure it is quite an older
version, but I haven't upgraded my Ubuntu since 2009. I'll be upgrading
it when the new one comes out in March 2013!)

I have a group of addresses to whom I send a regular newsletter. The
group contains around 490 addresses. I used to send it from another
computer using Thunderbird (in Ubuntu), but from now onward I will be
sending the newsletter from my laptop, in which I use evolution 2.26.1
(in Ubuntu). 

I have exported the address list from Thunderbird, so now it is a file
of type csv, called L1.csv. I can open the file in calc and see all the

When I open a new contact list in evo, I only see a way to add addresses
one at a time. 

In evo I went to File -> import, and following the steps I imported the
file L1.csv. It seemed to accept the import just fine. But now I do not
know where the file L1.csv is in evo. I searched in my address book, but
it is not there.

What do I have to do next to make the L1.csv file a contact list in evo?


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