[Evolution] evolution-ews - Exchange GAL possible issue?


I have an issue with evolution/evolution-ews and the GAL in a hosted
Exchange environment.  

Here's the details of my environment:

- Fedora 18 beta - fully updated.
- Evolution - 3.6.2 release 3.fc18 x86_64
- Evolution-EWS - 3.6.1 release 1.fc18 x86_64

Exchange is hosted from Rackspace currently, which appears to be
Exchange 2010.  

The good news is that mail and calendar work perfect work perfectly with
this latest version.  However, I seem to have problems with the GAL.
Here's what I've observed:

- If I access our Exchange service via a web browser I can clearly see
both my contacts and valid users in the GAL.
- When I setup Evolution, the 'Fetch URL' function appears to work
correctly and a 'Host URL' and an 'OAB URL' are automatically filled
- One minor issue:  If I click 'Check for Supported Types' (for
Authentication), that operation always fails with a 'Failed to query
server for a list of supported authentication mechanisms.  Query for
authentication types is not supported' message.
- Under 'Receiving Options' if I check 'Cache offline address book' then
click 'Fetch list', that operation causes an authentication request
pop-up that wants my Exchange account pw.  I enter the requested
password, but it fails to accept it no matter how many times I attempt
to enter it.
- If I go to Contacts, I can select my 'contacts' and can see whatever
exists on the Exchange server.  However, when I select 'global address
list' no entries appear.  Searching for a known entry also displays
- Interestingly, if I compose an email and click on the 'To' button, and
have Address Book: = Global Address List selected, I can successfully
occasionally search for an find users from the GAL.  In order to get
this to work, I seem to have to toggle the Address Book selection to
Contacts and then back to the Global Address List setting.  
- After the above succeeds, going back to Contacts still shows nothing
in the GAL.  
- I also have noticed that the authentication doesn't seem to be
retained properly by keyring most of the time when I start Evolution,
I'm re-prompted for my Exchange password, although this is frustratingly

Any help on the above that anyone could give would be appreciated! I've
looked at koji and I don't see any newer version of evolution-ews for
F18.  Is the above the expected behavior, although it doesn't seem quite
correct to me.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter!

Mike Hinz

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