[Evolution] SMTP login password not saved to keyring

In the "Sending Email" configuration window for my mail account I have;
Server requires authentication YES
Authentication Type = PLAIN
Username: myuser

1) I open the Composer, type in my message and press Send. I am then
prompted (by Gnome) for the password. I type the password and also
select the option to save the password to my keyring. After this, the
message sending is automatically canceled (status bar above message
body says "Sending message (canceled)").

2) If I press send again, the message gets sent (and received by recipient).

3) If I open Composer and type a new message, the message is again sent.

If I restart Evo, open Composer and type a new message, steps 1
through 3 are repeated.

When I open Seahorse, and search for my mail account username, I find
only the saved POP entry.

So, there seem to be several problems here;
 - SMTP login password is not saved to keyring, and hence password is
not remembered across sessions.
 - Evo does not send message when password is entered the first time.

I don't know the internals, but it also seems odd that the password is
not saved to the keyring, while Evo apparently remembers the password
for the current Evo session. So, I'm probably getting my conclusions
wrong... Still, from a user perspective, something seems wrong with
how Evo stores my SMTP credentials.

Evo 3.6.0
Gnome 3.6
Ubuntu 12.10

 - Per

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