Re: [Evolution] Mail account order changed

On Thu, 2011-09-29 at 09:18 -0700, John Stile wrote:
The order of two of my mail accounts changes based on how I start
evolution.  If I start with:
LC_ALL=C CAMEL_DEBUG=all /usr/bin/evolution
the mail accounts are ordered differently than if I start evolution
with: /usr/bin/evolution
How do I set the order explicitly?
I end up looking at the wrong account out of the habit of always seeing
them appear in a specific order.

you cannot set explicit order with your version, unless you are using
git master of evolution, which is long-before 3.3.1 release. The reason
is that the LC_ALL defines also collate function (or compare, I'm not
sure off-head). With 3.3.1+ you will be able to define your own order of
accounts in the folder tree.

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