Re: [Evolution] Exchange 2010 - show only folder Favorites

On Thu, 2011-09-22 at 09:08 +0000, HÃjek Miloslav wrote:
      (evolution:6942): evolution-plugin-lib-WARNING **: can't load plugin 
'/usr/lib/evolution/3.0/plugins/': sdÃlenà 
objektovà soubor nelze otevÅÃt: AdresÃÅ nebo soubor neexistuje

try to create a new file /etc/ (or any other
name than samba4.conf, just do not overwrite any existing), and place
any library paths to it, especially those you have installed missing
files to. Each line should contain one absolute path to a folder. I have
there for example:
I compile samba into a special prefix /usr/local/samba. When you've the
file saved just run ldconfig without any parameters as root. This works
for me. (Remember to run ldconfig whenever you change in the file

Will be support evolution-exchange for Exchange Server 2010 sometimes?

Unfortunately not. evolution-exchange uses OWA interface, which is kinda
unstable in each version, definitely with compare to MAPI, thus there is
no plan to change evolution-exchange anyhow; evolution-mapi is meant to
replace it one day.

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