Re: [Evolution] evo 3.0.3 and pop3 problems

On Wed, 2011-09-14 at 07:32 +0200, Svante Signell wrote:
evo 3.0.3 does not crash any longer, compared to 3.0.2, thanks for that.

However, some of the pop3 problems remains: 
1) Fetching mail works OK, when starting evo.
2) Fetching mail when evo runs, takes forever (no timeout?)
3) Cancelling the mail fetch (red button) does not have any effect (no
4) Pushing Send/Receive button updates all incoming mail folders except
pop3, which hangs (see above).

In cases 2)-4) there is zero bytes transmitted/received.

What's going on here?

3.0.3 contains a fix for bug [1], which should work just the opposite.
Evolution kept opened connection towards the POP3 server forever, before
that change, which lead to a disconnection by server itself, but
Evolution didn't notice it, and was waiting for a response on an already
closed connection. Disconnecting the service after mail fetch (and
reconnecting for the next fetch) seemed like a good solution for the
problem. It worked fine for me.

After the first message fetching, when you look between opened
connections of evolution, does it list the one to your POP3 server?
  $ lsof -p $EVO_PID | grep $SERVER
It may not show any. When you do the second message fetching, when
evolution is stuck of POP3 update, and you invoke the lsof again, will
the connection be listed? And what if you get a backtrace of running
evolution in this stuck state? Be sure you've installed debug info
packages for evolution-data-server and evolution, then invoke this:
   $ gdb --batch --ex "t a a bt" -pid=$EVO_PID &>bt.txt
Note that the resulting bt.txt can contain private information, like
your user name or password, thus make sure you'll not expose it in

I suspect your POP3 server has a limitation how often you can connect to
it (some servers have such limitation). Can it be it? How often do you
check for new messages in the POP3 account? Does evolution restart help?


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