Re: [Evolution] evolution 3.0.2 hangs

Dear Joao,

Am Donnerstag, den 08.09.2011, 12:20 +0100 schrieb Joao Ferreira Gmail:

Ever since I upgraded (Debian box) to Evolution 3.0.2-1 I have been
experiencing both hangs and crashes.

Can I do something about it ?

Here is the output of a hang. I started Evolution used it for 30
minutes, then it hanged while fetching mail from my accounts. After a
while I had no choice other than using "xkill". The last line of this
log was caused by xkill.

Can you help me ?

the first question is where does it hang. Please install the debug
packages (`evolution-dbg`, `evolution-data-server-dbg` and so on). Then
use `ps aux | grep evolution` to find out Evolution process ID and
attach to the hanged using `gdb --pid xxxxx`.

Afterward please do `set logging on /tmp/` to
enable logging and then `t a a bt full` to get the backtrace and post it
here or to a ticket [1]. Make sure to check the output for sensitive
information like passwords.

I also experienced hangs with Evolution 3.0.2 [2] when it hanged to get
the password for IMAP user accounts but the dialogs were not shown. With
Evolution 3.0.3 I do not experience these errors I think.




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