Re: [Evolution] Search folders and new messages

On Fri, 2011-07-22 at 10:26 +0200, Fred J wrote:
I'm using Ubuntu and thought I'd give Evo a try, after all the bad
press it seems to get.

Bad press?  In what way?

However, something that doesn't make sense is why, when I have search
folders set up, do new messages appear twice?  I understand that the
search folder merely replicates your search so that, if a new message
comes into the inbox (with the search criteria), then it will be
expected to appear in the related search folder.

Search folders are virtual folders - they effectively contain pointers
to messages in the real folders that match the search criteria.  The
messages are not duplicated, there is not two copies of the message.

But Ubuntu's messaging system tells me that I have two mails when, in
reality, there is only one (which appears in the inbox and search

This can get confusing and isn't all that intuitive.  Where would this
problem lie, and how does one fix it? 

To be honest the problem lies with whatever "Ubuntu's messaging system"
is - it is obviously not intelligent enough to deal with Evolution's
search folders.

I don't use Ubuntu (and it seems like v. few of the people who answer
questions around here do), so it's difficult to suggest how to fix it.
But whatever it is that is alerting you to the new messages, it's not
part of Evolution.


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