Re: [Evolution] Unable to receive mail [was conversion failure...]

On Thu, 2011-07-14 at 00:20 -0700, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
location of the mailbox ("Configuration Path") from which it should be
fetched as /var/spool/mail/jonrysh, and the location and password for
the smtp server to which outgoing mail is to be sent.  Now outgoing mail
works fine, however...

Why not use an IMAP server?  Run one locally and deliver to that [via
LMTP] then access the mail via IMAP.  You avoid allot of permissions,
format, and concurrency issues.

Incoming mail is never included.  When I click "Send/Receive" a progress
box appears very briefly (maybe about 100 msec), about the time it has
appeared in the past for an empty spool file, no mail in included, and
the mail spool file is unchanged.  There is some odd stuff in an strace
log, which is appended below.  It looks like evolution is attempting to
access the mail spool file as a directory.  Does anyone know what's
going on or how to fix it?

Is your local mail account set to "MBox" [assuming there is such a
setting].  Because otherwise [Maildir, MH, ...] your mail spool *is*
expected to be a directory [of many files] and not a single file [which
is what Mbox is].  

MBOX is an old format fraught with concurrency and scale issues;  you
should use something else, regardless of the mail client.

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