[Evolution] Conversion failure, Datastructure mess, Crashes

I have reinitialized Evolution starting with a backup that I made before
upgrading Fedora.  The problem continues, and seem to have nothing to do with
the crash that happened when Evolution initialized itself the first time
(reported in comment 3).

The situation is this:
Evolution was reporting an error whenever it had to store a message in the
"Sent" folder.  I selected "Sent" and "Drafts" as recommend by Patrick
O'Callaghan, and this problem is cured.

However, whenever there is a filter for outgoing messages requiring the outgoing
message to be "Move[d] to [a] folder", Evolution crashes, without filing the 
message in the requested folder.

I have reported this to Gnome Evolution Bugzilla as:

Only 4 days mail lost on account of this nonsense ... oh well.


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