[Evolution] Annoying oddity in Evo 2.30.3

I use Evo on Ubuntu 10.10 (Gnome 2.32.0) to manage my mail locally (I
use gmail for most of my actual emailing), and I've noticed a really
annoying "feature."

Whenever I save a single message to an unhighlighted folder, the
folder gets highlighted with (1) message as new.  Of course, the
message is not new, I've already read it and marked it as read.
Saving a second message to a folder so highlighted reverses this.

Saving multiple messages at once to a folder does not have this effect.

Occasionally when I run a search, this also happens to the Unmatched
Search Folder (except this will usually show a number of messages as
new as there were in my Inbox when I ran the search).  I ignore this
one anyway, but it's also a minor annoyance.

Is there a setting I can change for this (haven't found one yet)?


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