Re: [Evolution] filter && forwarding incoming mail

El día Wednesday, January 12, 2011 a las 07:04:15AM -0600, Philippe LeCavalier escribió:

Quoting Matthias Apitz <guru unixarea de>:


I wanted to setup a filter in Evo which forwards incoming mail, based on
the senders addr, to some other account... and I'm surprised that there
is no action option for this, really?




This is just my opinion but what you are referring to is beyond the  
scope of any MUA. If you use IMAP, look at the IMAPFilter project it  
does exactly what you want. Or look at what your mail host can offer  
you server-side.

In principle I agreed and in an normal open world I would use procmail for
this. But with Evo and in my concrete environment, I can't use IMAP,
only OWA and the Exchange connector, and have no direct access to the
Exchange server.


Matthias Apitz
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