[Evolution] Running the Evolution Backup plugin from the command line

I'd like to be able to run the backup-restore plugin as a cron job

This command almost does the trick, 

--backup /home/portsample/EvolutionBackup_$(date +%T_%F)

Output from the command is:

** Message: evolution --quit
** Message: rm /home/portsample/.local/share/evolution/.running
rm: cannot remove `/home/portsample/.local/share/evolution/.running': No
such file or directory
** Message: gconftool-2 --dump /apps/evolution
** Message: cd /home/portsample && tar chf
- .local/share/evolution .config/evolution .camel_certs evolution.dir |
gzip > '/home/portsample/EvolutionBackup_22:04:54_2011-01-09'
tar: .camel_certs: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
** Message: rm /home/portsample/evolution.dir

This command does not exit cleanly back to a shell prompt. 

Any suggestions regarding correcting the two error messages in the
second and third to last lines? 


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