Re: [Evolution] error storing folder 'folder'

On Sun, 2011-01-09 at 07:02 -0500, Carpet Nailz wrote: 
Is there a bottom line to this problem? I just spent a half hr reading
various reports about this problem (seems to go back many years) and all
I see are work-arounds. Did I miss a solution or is there none? Is it
just a Ubuntu problem?

I switched to Ubuntu 10.04, which provides Evolution 2.28.3, about a
month ago. Started getting the "Error storing folder 'Inbox'" message
(other people seem to get more complex messages). I tried what was
suggested in an earlier thread:

   evolution --force-shutdown
   rm ~/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db

This seemed to clear up the 'Inbox' problem, but now I'm getting the
same problem with a different folder ("Error storing folder 'Lynn'").
Now I also just go "Error while Expunging folder" after trying to empty

Try removing *all* the folders.db files (after shutting down Evo of
course). Errors with the Trash folder are really errors with the folder
the deleted messages are in (Trash is not a real folder).

Did I miss a solution in my Googline, or is there none, even after all
these years? Is it just a Ubuntu problem?

It has nothing to do with Ubuntu as such, but note that the latest Evo
is 2.32 so perhaps upgrading to a later Ubuntu will get you a later Evo.


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