[Evolution] Search Folders on IMAP+

Hi Everyone.

As a follow-up to an issue I brought up in "Been around the block again..." where I mention an issue using search folders and eluded that when the search folders function I had created crashed Evo seemingly unsubscribed me to my IMAP folders.

To clear up a few things,

i) I cannot confirm whether or not Evo or the server for that matter is in fact unsubscribing me from certain folders since the checkmark in Evo remains and the folder subscription settings in any webmail client is correct. However, the folder(s) in question are no longer in the folder list. So whether I'm unsubscribed or not the folder isn't visible until I either remove and add the the checkmark in Evo OR I unsubscribe and subscribe to said folder in a webmail client.

ii) The search folders function hangs on random folders at 0% complete. When I click the exit to terminate the folder in question disappears from me folder list and the above mentioned proceed needs to be performed before I can see the folder again.

iii) Once I loose the fodler in the folder list Evo automatically updates the relavent Message Filter(s) accordingly - basically, Evo remove the path to the folder since it technically no longer exists. Re-adding the path after the proceed in i) does not automatically add the path in the relevat filiter...Understandably, since it's a technically a new path.

***This was the case while I had the IMAP+ chosen in the Mail Accounts settings. The symptom only vary slightly if one chooses IMAP in that the "unsubscribing" syndrom doesn't transpire. Nevertheless, The search function still hangs at 0% complete.***

Details of the search folder in question:

Folder name 'pre2009' without the quotes.

Include threads->none
All conditions are met

i) Date Recieved->is before->31-Dec 2009
ii) Message Location->is not->path/within/IMAP/mailbox
iii)Message Location->is not->another/path/within/IMAP/mailbox

'All active remote folders' is checked

My goal here is to have all the pre-2009 mail in one folder so I can archive it locally. I do this every year to clean-house...As you can see by the rule I've lapsed a little ;) so there allot of mail to parse but I've let the process go for over 30 minutes on several occasions and it never got paste 0%. At least now when I cancel it the folder it's looking in doesn't disappear from the list! I don't have much experience with search fodlers so maybe there's something I'm not grasping - I usually just comb through the fodler manually to accomplish the same task.

Any insight would be greatly appreciate...


P.S. CM performed this task flawlessly...Surely Evo is up for the challenge!

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