Re: [Evolution] Evolution backup problem

On Sun, 2011-01-02 at 14:37 +0100, Bob Goodson wrote:

I'm not sure I can supply the info you want or if I can that I can do it
fast enough for you guys. You will see just how much of a newbie I am
but I need to learn.

First, please use "Reply to list" (Ctrl-L) when answering rather than
sending a new message to the list - that way those of us who use
threading can keep everything in one place - it would also help you in
structuring your replies by interspersing comments (like I'm doing)

So, the file size for >>> evolution-backup.tar.gz <<<< is 30.9 MB ( on
both the USB and the H.D ) and there seems to be plenty of space on the
external hard drive.

I backed up to the USB ( which works )...copied to the external hard
drive and as go when trying to restore.

Are you saying you copied the version that was on the USB drive onto the
hard disk?

As best I can see both the USB and the Hard Drive are " Compatible with
all systems ( FAT) "

Well, compatible in some ways - FAT has limitations on file size - but
you aren't anywhere near that.

Re this para....

"Try creating the backup file on your local disk.  Can Evo restore from
there?  If so, try copying the backup file to the external drive - can
Evo recognise it now?  If not, are the two files identical?  (Look at
file sizes, if they are the same, then use diff on the two files.)"

Don't get cross but how do I do that???

Do what?  The diff?  At the command line you do 

   diff file1 file2

replacing file1 & file2 with the full paths to the two files  (I can't
be any more specific since it depends on where the files are located and
I don't know where Ubuntu mounts external disks).

Re this..

"You could also try doing 'tar tzvf evolution-backup.tar.gz' on the file
on the external drive.  Does it come up with an error?"

did you mean me to write that as a command in Teminal??



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