Re: [Evolution] Evolution Fedora 14 and Exchange server

On Tue, 2011-02-22 at 16:44 -0800, Weston Schmidt wrote:
I was having the same problem.  I just tried your suggestion, (Chris
Kottaridis), rebuilt the evolution-mapi rpm & it worked like a charm.

-    ms = GetHierarchyTable (&obj_folder, &obj_table, TableFlags_Depth
| TableFlags_NoNotifications | TableFlags_UseUnicode, &row_count);
+    ms = GetHierarchyTable (&obj_folder, &obj_table, 0, &row_count);

I'm about to make a fix for this in sources for 2.91.91 of
evolution-mapi, but I would like to do that right. Could one of you try
which of these flags is doing the trouble on your server, please?

The TableFlags_Depth flag is necessary to get subfolders of the folder
in the fetch directly, thus if it is not supported, then the
evolution-mapi should fallback to previous way of fetching folder list,
which is significantly slower than the new approach.

The TableFlags_UseUnicode is necessary to get results in Unicode, which
is required for folder names which are using utf8 letters (I understand
this flag that way at least). Without that it'll be just question marks
instead of folder names. I hope it's not doing this one, because I'm not
aware of any workaround for this.

The TableFlags_NoNotifications is not that crucial, so if it's this,
then it can be safely removed.

I plan to keep the call as is, and only if it fails with
MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT then do a new call with possible fallback code or
similar workaround for "affected" servers. The exact change depends on
your findings.
        Thanks for your help with this,

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