Re: [Evolution] Delayed Send

Am Freitag, den 18.02.2011, 19:27 -0800 schrieb Kip Warner: 
Hey list,

Is there any way to have an email automatically be sent at a certain
time unattended with Evolution? I see a way to save to drafts only.
Perhaps there is a plugin somewhere out there for this.

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Well, you could switch evolution to offline-mode via that button in the
bottom left corner, send off all those mails, which will end up in the
OUTBOX folder. Then set up a timer via the well known unix programs "at"
or "cron" to start evolution like 
evolution -c mail --online

All the mails in the OUTBOX should then be sent automatically. Haven't
tried this myself, though.

The more professional approach would probably be to save those message
in some dedicated queue folder and then use an external batch software
to send them off. You may even consider setting up your own imap mail
server like


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