Re: [Evolution] Delete Messages from Server When Deleted Locally

Thanks for your information, Milan!
I guess we should have the same version...
I'm using Evolution 2.30.3, but I can just find these 2 related options
in "Receiving options" of my POP account:

â Leave messages on server
â Delete after ___ days

Anyway...I've done the test:
1. Send my self a message;
2. Received by Evolution;
3. Delete it ( and I can find it in the trash);
4. Empty the trash;
5. The message still remains on server, I can read it by web.

Did I miss something important?

Thank you!

2011/2/16 Milan Crha:
On Wed, 2011-02-16 at 10:57 +0800, Fishdrowned wrote:
The title of this message said my question, i.e. I wonder to know how
to make Evolution delete message from server when I empty the trash.
I used to use Outlook and it can do this perfectly.

it would be nice to get all information, as Pete asked you, because for
my version with POP accounts your statements aren't true. My version,
I'll let you guess which it is, has this feature implemented. [1]


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