Re: [Evolution] IMAP and mail filters

On Fri, 2011-02-11 at 09:02 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
Mail filtering with IMAP doesnt work for me.

I have "Apply filters to new messages..." option enabled and bunch of
filters. Filters works if applied with Ctrl+Y but no success in
automated filtering of incoming mail.

All requirements for filters are statisfied. 

 Worth thing is that I cannot even
apply filters to all *selected* messages, it simply doesn't work. Only
can filter messages one by one.

Ok. I got log for one of messages. I fugured that message is filtered
but copy of message is still in Inbox. Thats unexpected behavior and log
says that evolution tries to MOVE message:

Applied filter "XXXX" to message from XXXX - "Re: GMT +4 Ð ÑÑÐÐ" at Sat,
12 Feb 2011 01:35:44
Action: Move to folder email://1294813613 3198 4 ubook local/Lists/XXXX
Action: Stopped processing

One more observation. Message in inbox is marked as read and filtered
copy is unread.

So the problem is that evolution makes COPY instead of MOVE.

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