Re: [Evolution] Issue with formatting of gconf files.

On Sun, 2011-02-06 at 16:10 -0800, les wrote:

If in fact you "write converters between systems" then you should *LOVE*
g-conf; it's XML!  Meaning you can reliably, easily, and quickly process
the contents.  Verses the crap-hole that is a "text file". 
A text file can indeed be a crap-hole, especially if one chooses not to
form thoughts as paragraphs, situations as chapters, or sequences into
phrases and sentences that others can understand.  So can any form of
programming language.  And that includes eXtended Meta Language.

It's "eXtensible Markup Language"

And the syntax of XML does not mean you

Yes, it does.

import from lxml import etree
f = open('filename.xml', 'rb')
d = etree.parse(f)

can reliably easily and quickly
process the contents as seen here by the comments that don't recognize
where this comes from, what it represents or even how to edit it without
taking it out of context into a texteditor and editing it by hand
because the tools are currently broken that somehow created the mess
that exists on my system right now.

No mess - it's beautiful.

As you gain experience, you too, will come to agree with these comments.

Nope.  I've been a profession UNIX System & Network Administrator for
twenty years.  *Experience* has taught me that text files are evil;
they have a strong initial appeal with their false simplicity, but
ultimately what matters is that data consistency can be enforced and
that the data is [reliably] machine-readable.  Go XML!

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