Re: [Evolution] Evolution and Kerberos

On Tue, 2011-02-01 at 15:13 +0000, Milan Juricek wrote:
i have one question about kerberos and Evo... is it posible to use
kerberos authentication in Evolution with Exchange plug-in? 

If yes, can you send me some hints how to do it? 

do you mean evolution-exchange (access through OWA) or evolution-mapi
(access through MAPI)? The OWA access cannot do that, as far as I know
(from evolution), and the MAPI access is using samba4, which is capable
of that, it tries some kerberos login first, but I think you should have
set "realm" property on the account profile, for which the
evolution-mapi plugin doesn't have a UI entry, so one is sort of stuck.
With MAPI you can try to use openchangeclient, and configure your
profile from command line, to test whether it works for your version of

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