Re: [Evolution] Junk folder has gone

On Fri, 2011-12-16 at 10:07 +0100, Milan Crha wrote:
On Wed, 2011-12-14 at 14:05 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I've just moved to Evo 3.2 (on Fedora 16). When I mark a message as
Junk, it greys out but doesn't disappear. On looking more closely I can
no longer see where to set the Junk folder.

This is on a Gmail account (actually Google Apps if it matters), but I
get exactly the same on a POP account.

What's going on?

no idea, I have them shown. I see junk folder under On This Computer
(that's for the POP account), then under my MAPI account and even under
IMAP (not IMAP+) account. I would try the fix from [1], but it's only
for IMAP and possibly not related to this issue. I use virtual Junk
folder on the IMAP account. My MAPI account has as Junk folder chosen
the one under <account>/Mailbox - user name/Junk E-Mail. The EWS account
doesn't have it set, but the folder is visible in the view.

No, that's not it. I can create folders on IMAP servers.

With respect of IMAP (I suppose you use it for GMail), do you use a real
or a virtual junk folder? Is the folder subscribed? What about your
settings of "Show only subscribed folders" and such? Maybe the
conversion to new CamelSettings doesn't work for your case.

I don't remember Evo ever asking me if I wanted a real or a virtual
folder, so I assume it's virtual. I thought Junk was always virtual,
like Trash.

The problem is not that I can't create a folder, it's that there appears
to be nowhere in the Preferences dialog where I can tell Evo what the
Junk folder is. That's a much more serious omission; it definitely
didn't used to be that way in the previous stable release.


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