Re: [Evolution] [RFC - general discussion] GNOME standard email program should have "Remove Duplicates" feature by default...

On Fri, 2011-07-29 at 21:02 -0400, Barry Smith wrote:
I have asked this question before, and researched this point until I
am "smurfy" (iow, blue in the face).
1) Why did you remove "Remove Duplicate emails" from the e-plugins?

as Adam said, it's not removed, it was integrated into core evolution.
It works for selected messages and is part of Message menu (see Remove
duplicate messages menu item).

I am using Ubuntu as my OS, so I am stuck by default on Evo 2.32.2
(which crashes regularly, and creates "bug-buddy" reports regularly
which are apparently being ignored since Ubuntu won't move to a more
current version of Evo).

Well, easy to say "it crashes", but only backtraces count. Without them
it's hard to tell whether it's a "new" issue or an already solved issue.
I do not like 2.32.x reports myself, as it's too long time ago, with
compare of current stable release or even better the unstable release,
but you can, at least, check to see whether
it was filled/fixed or not. Or file your bug in Ubuntu and they will
take care of it (there are people doing so regularly, as far as I can

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