Re: [Evolution] Hi

Hi, I use Ubuntu, Gnome, and Evolution, as well.

I'll bet if you wrote your question in Spanish, enough people on the
list would understand it.

I am not an administrator for the list, but I comprehend spanish very
well, o yo comprendo español muy bien.

If you feel more comfortable writing your message in Spanish, put
"ESP-" at the front fo your post to the list, and I'll bet that you'll
get answers from the administrators in Spanish.
Si usted se siente más cómoda escribiendo el mensaje en español,
escriba "ESP" en la parte delantera para su envío a la lista, y
apuesto a que usted va a obtener respuestas de los administradores en



On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 8:59 PM, Sebastian Carcamo
<sebastian carcamo s gmail com> wrote:
Hi, I am a Ubuntu, Gnome and Evolution User,

I want to inform to you about a personal idea about Evolution.

Is posiible add a Dynamic Select Input into "To:" Box Text Area,  ?
something like gmail service.

Sorry, but my native language is spanish and my english isnt good.

Thanks  for all.

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