Re: [Evolution] Can't save pictures; Can't forward pictures

I do prefer plain text.  But, a fundamental rule of program design is
that an app should do what the user expects.  When I have received an
HTML mail and I try to forward, I EXPECT it to forward as HTML.  So,
in my eyes, this is a bug. 

I have taken the liberty of converting the idea into bugzilla format:
However, I would suggest that you'd likely get better results and be
happier by changing to an approach that works with and respects this
community, rather than fighting it. Look, it's okay to rant occasionally
- everybody gets frustrated and wants to vent sometimes - but try to get
something positive and constructive out of that (e.g. identifying what
you dislike and doing what you can to change it), rather than dwelling
on the negative (e.g. thinking about how annoying you find it).

-- All the best,

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