Re: [Evolution] Send/Receive on specific MailAccount - Minimum Poll-Time-Error - Passwords lost

Am Sonntag, den 23.05.2010, 16:31 +0200 schrieb Richard Kircheis:

just changed to evolution.

But I am not really happy with evolution:

With my old mail-program I was able to do a manual Send/Receive on one
of my Mail-Accounts. Where can I find this in Evolution?

In the mailer, there is a button for "Send/Receive". You can also hit F9
or the menu.

As I am not able to do that specific Send/Receive, I am running into the
next problem:
Some of my mailaccounts have a "minimum polltime" (15 Minutes), so when
I click on Send/Receive within 15 Minutes after the last connect

Goto preferences (Control-Shift S), choose email-accounts, open the
specific account, got to receiving options, right at the top of that
dialog, you can choose, if mails for that account are fetched
automatically or not and set the interval.
You can also temporarily disable an account via right-mouse click 
pop-up menu or in the preferences. You can also choose to work offline
with the small icon in the lower left corner or with the menu.
That should be sufficient to handle your scenario.
Hope that helps,


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