Re: [Evolution] 2.92.91 imap-idle

On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 07:38 +0100, randall wrote:
On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 14:39 -0400, Matthew Barnes wrote:
On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 16:38 +0100, randall wrote:
anyways.. im interested in the improved IMAP support

iâm running 2.29.91 on Ubuntu 10.04 beta from ppa at

till so far it seams to work nicely (no crashes) in my daily usage and
iâm testing it to see if i can use it as a Thunderbird alternative.

iâm using it as an imap client to a zimbra server so the IMAP-IDLE
functionality is what i am looking for.

Our standard IMAP backend doesn't have IDLE support at all.

Our hero Chenthill, however, has been cooking up a brand new IMAP
backend for 2.30 (and it's for real this time, for those who've been
following along for awhile).

Not sure if it was enabled for 2.29.91, but it's there in 2.29.92 --
listed among the account type choices as "IMAP+".  It supports IDLE.
That's its raison d'Ãtre.

The usual disclaimers apply: for all its flaws the old IMAP backend is
thoroughly road-tested, the new one is not.  Existing IMAP accounts will
stay on the old backend for the time being.

Matthew Barnes

i surely did not see the IMAP+ option, will try if i can cook up
some .debs from the source 2.92.92

just to confirm,

have installed 2.92.92 and the IMAP+ option is available next to the old
IMAP option.

me is happy ;)

for the time being it looks more stable then some other "stable"
versions of evo i have used in the past so i will continue testing and
see if it can ruin my mailboxes in the next few weeks.

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