[Evolution] Adding a alarm/reminder for an event/meeting where I'm not organizer

Hey guys!

Do you have any idea why you can't even edit the alerts of an event/meeting in which you're not the organizer?

I understand why you shouldn't be able to edit other stuff like time, recurrence or attendees but alarms too? It's pretty unpractical.

I for example, have a lot of events in my calendar that are organized by others then send as invitation via email. They're very important to me so I'd like to have a reminder, but I can't.

Further more, I don't know what tools the organizer has to edit these events. He might not even be able to add the alarm or at least he shouldn't be the one that decides if and when everyone will be alerted of that even of that event.

Even if the organizer adds an alarm that's not very good. Each attendees might want to set when and how may times he'll be alerted depending on his schedule and memory-superpowers :)

Cristian Vrabie

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