Re: [Evolution] Modify Calendar enteries with MAPI.

On Wed, 2010-06-30 at 15:01 +1000, Simon Dwyer wrote:
I have realized today however when i try and edit a calendar entry
(content or how long it lasts)   i get a evolution-data-server has
crashed and i will have to restart evolution to get my tasks, memos,
calendars, etc.. to work.

it depends on the actual place where evolution-data-server crashed. You
can run evolution-data-server on a separate console under gdb and get
the place where it crashed, with something like this:
   $ gdb /usr/libexec/evolution-data-server-X.YZ --ex r --ex "t a a bt"
Maybe your eds is placed elsewhere, it depends on your distribution.
Also that X.YZ is a version, which you didn't specify.
        Hope that helps,

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