[Evolution] MAPI: Mails showing a lot of "[?]"


as mentioned in my previous issue:
I use Evolution 2.28.3 on Ubuntu 10.04 64bit, with the MAPI plugin against
an Exchange server.

I also tested the version from ppa:jacob/evo230 (v2.30): Same issue

Quite a few mails show a lot of "[?]" instead of content. If I open the mail
in OWA the mails show right. When using Evolution with OWA on the same mails
they show right, too.

What's the problem there?

This and my previous issue have been crossposted to the Novell forums but
these seem abandoned.



Evolution does not show the from address from mails in the inbox view, that
were in the inbox before the first start of evolution.

After the inbox has been synced once, from addresses from subsequently
received mails are shown?

What can I do to resync the inbox?

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