Re: [Evolution] Evo Crashing

On Sun, 2010-06-20 at 16:42 +0930, Mike Alsop wrote:
Have just a clean install of Evo on Ubuntu 10.04 and restored everything
from an Evo backup. It is all working, but randomly every few minutes it
crashes. I am getting these errors:

Jun 20 09:19:50 TBPL1 kernel: [47915.909758] evolution[8078]: segfault
at 8 ip 0150100b sp b5bfed60 error 6 in[14a7000
Jun 20 10:05:07 TBPL1 kernel: [50632.904094] evolution[8086]: segfault
at 1d ip 00af1f44 sp bfa73680 error 4 in[ac6000
Jun 20 13:23:49 TBPL1 kernel: [62554.895261] evolution[8972]: segfault
at 8 ip 057f300b sp b6629d60 error 6 in[5799000
Jun 20 16:27:29 TBPL1 kernel: [73574.789354] evolution[10253]: segfault
at 71 ip 079c2959 sp bf96a480 error 4 in[7969000

You should report this to


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