Re: [Evolution] evolution-list Digest, Vol 59, Issue 23

"Generally, be aware of the fact that the order of your filters is
important. If your very first filter has a "Stop processing" rule, all
the other filters will be ignored by the emails that match to this first
filter rule. If you want your filters to apply automatically and you are
using an IMAP account, make sure you have enabled "Apply filters to new
messages in INBOX on this server" under "Edit | Preferences | Email
Accounts | Edit | Receiving Options | Options". Also, filters depend on
the "new" flag which will be set only when a particular mail is fetched
from server for the first time. If any other mail client is used to
check mail before Evolution, Evolution's filters may not work

That's great and all but ... I don't have that under Receiving Options.
Is this maybe just an Ubuntu quirk?

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