Re: [Evolution] Searching in the calendar.

Yes, there's a way.  Look for a long text box over "Tasks" in the Calendar view.  It says "Search" and is on the right upper side, under the toolbar.  If you type here what you want and select some search rule, Evolution will returns a result  (if there any).  Evo doesn't show a list like Kontact or Korganizer but shows marked events in the calendar.  If there any task or note which is coincident, it shows it too.  If you want a list view, pick it in the toolbar.

Hope this helps


El mié, 09-06-2010 a las 09:53 +0100, RZ escribió:
I don't know if I'm missing something but when a search an event on the calendar, Evo shows no results. I have to manually scroll the months until I find the keyword I was looking for, meaning that if an event was 10 years ago I have to scroll 12x10 pages before I get to the search results.
Is there any other way to search for events?

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