Re: [Evolution] Message never marked as read?


Am Donnerstag, den 03.06.2010, 01:08 +0100 schrieb John Horne:

Using Evo 2.30 (under Fedora 13), I have a message which was filtered
into a folder. I have the preview pane set, and the 'Mark message as
read after ... seconds' option. I move to the folder, and highlight the
message. However, it doesn't get marked as read. If I move away, and
then move back to the folder, highlight the message (which is still
showing as 'new'), it still doesn't get marked as read.

Surely if I am reading a message, then the message has been 'read' and
so shouldn't still be marked as 'new'. The automatic timer should mark
the message as read. This message has now been read several times, but
is still marked as 'new'. I could manually mark the message as read
(using right-click), but surely that defeats the object of having the
messages automatically marked as read.


I remember having had that issue a few times when I changed the value of
timer in mail preferences. I did set it to 3 seconds, then to 2,5.
Now, it's at 2,0 seconds and I haven't had the issue for some time.
I use 2.28 on ubuntu karmic.


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