[Evolution] Troubles after upgrades...

Hey all!

I recently upgraded my system from Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 and have been
having some problems with Evolution since.  This would have been an
upgrade to Evolution from 2.28.3-1.fc12 to 2.30.2-1.fc13.

First...  What happen to the PGP "Remember password for remainder of
session option" when I enter my PGP/GPG password?  This is a real pain,
since I now have to enter my password each time I send out an E-Mail.  I
know I can now hear people start to type, but it's a security risk to
remember those passwords.  Actually it's not.  It's a security risk to
force someone to enter it each time.  The risk of someone attempting to
shoulder surf me is orders of magnitude higher that someone having
broken into my system and how can steal that password out of memory and
yet who can not obtain it through easier means, such as keyboard
sniffing.  I sign everything as a matter of personal policy (and we can
leave that philosophical debate to another time) and this exposes my
password to keyboard sniffing and shoulder surfing each time I send a
message.  That increases the security risk. 

Next...  Evolution has gotten really flakey wrt selecting my proper
account for reply and including a cc to myself.  Now it's been real
flakey about including my cc to self for quite a few revision (probably
going back several Fedora clicks to maybe F9 or earlier).  Even though
each and every one of my dozen or so accounts has "Always carbon copy
(cc) to" selected and the proper E-Mail address entered into the field,
lots of times it had no cc when I do a reply or reply-all.  For a while,
I was thinking it was failing to behave properly whenever there was a
"Reply-to:" header in the message but this version has gotten much worse
about this problem and lots of times (but not always) it will fail to
add the proper cc even though there's no Reply-to header.  It is always
consistent for any given message.  Reply to one that works, and every
reply will work.  Reply to one that fails, and it always fails.  So it
seems to be something about the message being replied to that triggers
this bug.

Finally, and this did just show up with this upgrade, it's often picking
the wrong account when I create a new message or reply to an old
message.  As often as not, it's picking one of my "inactive" accounts I
have just as a mailbox placeholder.  It's not picking the account for I
currently have a mailbox open (the old behavior) and it's not picking my
active default account or even an active account at all.  Now, this one
is NOT consistent.  It may fail once on a given message and then I go
examine an other mailbox and come back to that message and then it will
work properly.  Weird.  Generally, when it grabs the wrong mailbox, it
also does not fill in the Cc field with anything either.  When it's
wrong, it's also grabbing this one particular (inactive) account, as if
it was set as the default.  I haven't seen it switch to another (active)
account by mistake.  I can even be IN my default account and have it
guess wrong and grab this other one.

I can manually select the proper account and the cc (and my signature)
are filled in correctly.  So, it seems to be just guessing wrong on
grabbing the proper account.

Anyone have any thoughts on this before I file a bugzilla report on

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