Re: [Evolution] Hidden emails when searching in the whole account

Am Sonntag, den 18.07.2010, 01:53 +0200 schrieb Thomas Mittelstaedt:
Am Samstag, den 17.07.2010, 10:54 -0600 schrieb Simon Siemens: 

I use Evolution for my IMAP account. The inbox there contains several
folders. The inbox almost no email. All are in those folders. 

When I search with the search bar in the whole account, then only a
subset of the hits are shown. In a specific example, only one email is
shown in the results list, whereas the application title say "Konto
durchsuchen (11 insgesamt) - Evolution" (in English, it is something
like "Account search (11 in total) - Evolution"). I did not count the
real number of emails that match the search, but 11 sounds quite
reasonable. The one it shows, is the only match, which is in the inbox.

So, how can I make Evolution show me all eleven hits?

If I go into a folder and search only in it, all emails are shown.

I played a bit with the view menu, with no success though. Hide deleted
messages is marked, but has no effect if I unset it. Actually, the
emails I am looking for, are not deleted. The other options (hide chosen
and read message, show hidden messages) are not marked.

Can you help me how to do searching right in Evolution?

Ever since I started to use evolution (2.25 then, now 2.28.4), I found
the searching in current account and all accounts to be unreliable.
It was helpful to use the "wipe all button" to the right of the 
search entry field or Strg-Shift-Q to make sure there is a clean
state before searching. 

I recommend to use saved searches to create a search and then click
through the folders of interest applying that saved search. That proved
to be reliable.
I also would recommend you to use filters extensively to organize your
mail. You then need less searching because the filters tell you in which
folders certain mails end up.

I also use imap and I have filters set up that put certain labels on mails
and then move them to local folders.

I also used search folders to search multiple folders. That used to work
for a one-time search. But don't be tempted to use those virtual search
folders for regular mail reading. When new mails arrive the update of
the search folders simply doesn't work reliably as far as my experiences
Hope that helps,

In order to find mails in a lot of folders you might consider
combining the unix 'find' command with a program called 'grepmail' to
search the mbox files in your .evolution folder.  
You could also use indexing tools like gnome's tracker,, or or
beagle,, to index your mail.


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