Re: [Evolution] Automatic mail contact addition

if i will couch Db - ubuntu one their i will not be able to view any
contact added.

i could able to see below warning/error :

** (evolution:24027): WARNING **: bbdb: failed to open addressbook:
EBookStatus returned 20

evolution:24027): evolution-addressbook-WARNING **: error loading
addressbook : e_book_new: no factories available for URI

any idea where is the problem

If the issue is with CouchDB and Ubunto One, then that's an extension to
Evo implemented by Ubuntu - you probably won't get much help here, and
will have to raise the issue in the Ubuntu forums.

In the meantime, the best thing you could do is to create an address
book under "On This Computer" and see if the automatic contacts works
with that.  If it does, then the issue is with Ubuntu One, if it still
doesn't work, then something else is wrong.


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