Re: [Evolution] Mail notification option

On Sat, 2010-07-10 at 11:54 +0530, chen wrote:
Dear Vijay,
      With continuous explanations from multiple people, you seem to repeat
the same mistake. Replying to list digests is annoying. As a measure to
stop you doing the same mistake again, I have disabled the option to
receive digests for you. You may not receive digests going further.

I still wonder if you have understood the problem since I do not see any
replies to Patrick, Pete who have raised the concern with you. I hope
you would start understanding the mailing list etiquette.

Thanks to Akhil for sharing the admin love.

Thanks Chentill. Before your message Vijay had written to me off-list
asking for clarification of why we were so annoyed so I tried to give
him a clear explanation of what digests are about (in case he isn't
sure) and why we'd prefer he not reply to them. I also urged him to
subscribe for normal (non-digest) list traffic, but I see you've taken
care of that.


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