Re: [Evolution] mail client application]

You don't need to file enhancement requests -- all this good stuff is
already built into the evolution-2.31 package and the "express" mode
is triggered with a command line switch:

    evolution --express

A lot of the enhancements will eventually seep into the standard UI.
The code is already littered with

    if (in_express_mode) { do this } else { do that }

and I don't like redundancy.  :)

That's fantastic to hear, and thank you for clarifying. I thought it
might be a separate tree or something, but for express mode to
incorporated into the same tree, and triggered with a special switch, is
definitely preferable.

* Having tabs instead of separate pop-up dialogs in the appointment
editor, for recurrence / free busy / Alarm.

+1  I've always found the Evolution appointment editor to be a
confusing construction; even after using it for years [a decade?].

I know what you mean. There were a number of nice touches in the
screenshots, but the tabs in the appointment editor were my personal
favourite, and seem like something that's a clear win in non-express
mode too.

-- All the best,

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