[Evolution] Strange behaviour of Ctrl-V

I notice that in Evo 2.30.2 if I have a URL in the clipboard (copied
from a browser window for example) Edit->Paste (Ctrl-V) pastes the
*contents* of the URL as an attachment. To paste the URL itself I have
to use Edit->Paste Quotation (Shift-Ctrl-V).

IIRC this is a change and I'm not sure I like it. It seems odd that the
more usual option of pasting the URL -- which is what I want to do maybe
99.999% of the time -- is harder to get to. No doubt someone thought
that pasting the attachment might be useful, but I can't actually think
of a single reason why I would ever want to do that. I often complain to
people who waste bandwidth sending a page when they could send a URL.
What on Earth is the point?


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