Re: [Evolution] Suddenly lots of good stuff in the junk folder

Is a spamassassin problem, not an Evolution problem.  I have Evolution (in Debian)  with Bogofilter and it works fine.


El sáb, 02-01-2010 a las 15:12 -0800, Jonathan Ryshpan escribió:
I use spamassasin to check for junk (local tests only).  Suddenly I'm
getting lots of good messages in the Junk folder, usually about 40 per
day (I'm on a lot of mailing lists (8-)).  There have always been some
misfiled good messages, but usually only 3 or 4, along with a fair
amount of spam.  Now lots of good stuff, very little spam.  The
situation changed some time after Christmas, maybe just after New

Does anyone have a clue what's happening?

System details:
        Fedora-11 with all upgrades
in particular:

Thanks - jon

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