Re: [Evolution] generating message list problem

Hello Drew,

On Fri, 2010-02-26 at 18:23 +0100, drew wrote:
Hi all,

I used be able to open up evolution and my inbox was just there.

Now it can take almost a minute to generate a list.  I have increased
the size of the swap file to 2gb its got 2gb of RAM and I have radically
pruned the size of the inbox thinking this was a memory problem, but to
no avail.

Any ideas.

I had an e-mail box that had gone wrong ( 10 years of e-mail). Evolution
failed to expunge the in-box every time I tried.

I solved it with the following recipe:

        A couple of weeks back I had problems with expunging deleted
        e-mail from my inbox. The inbox was quite large 800 MB. I took
        the following steps to resolve it.
          1) I moved old e-mails up to 01/01/2009 into an archive mail
          2) I attempted to deleted the old e-mails in the active inbox.
          3) Evolution continued to fail to expunge the deleted mail
          4) So.. I closed evolution. I used mutt to open the Inbox
                mutt -f Inbox
          5) I used mutt to delete the e-mail up 01/01/2009 from the
        active mail box. 
             Mutt did the deed and saved the Inbox without the deleted
          6) Evolution is now able to expunge the active Inbox as it
Best of Luck,

Its ver. 2.28.1 running on Gnome.



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