Re: [Evolution] Open .dat files

On Tue, 2010-08-10 at 12:12 +0200, Chris Blake wrote:
Greetings community,

I need to open .dat files in Evolution.

I searched the archives for a solution to this and only found this :

Reading all the mails that came up about this topic leaves me to believe
that Evolution can not yet open .dat files inline.

I installed ytnef/tneg packages but this will only open the files if I
first save them to my drive and then run ytnef -f <filename>.dat, which
is not ideal.

Not all .dat files are TNEF files - using a three letter extension to
indicate the contents of a file is a microsoftism and extensions do not
have any particular meaning to the operating system in Unix.  Further,
even under DOS, .dat is just a generic extension for files that contain
"data".  So making it so that *all* .dat files are displayed in-line as
TNEF files is just wrong.

As far as I know the TNEF files from MS packages are called
"winmail.dat" and should have the appropriate mime type set - I
*thought* that Evo was able to handle them, but I can't remember the
last time I got one!


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