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You are asking to do a mail-merge which I don't know if evolution can do.

However it sounds like spam, albeit job_search related spam which is no excuse and possibly against your isp 

You probably don"t want to annoy would-be employers and can hope for a better response for your future life 
if you consider each employer in turn and your relevance to them and their relevance to you.

Such preparation will be help you know what to write and be good preparation for interviews as well as making 
you more likely to get an interview and more likely to know which employer you would prefer.

However if you want bulk_style non-personal refusal letters and the illusion of getting a lot done then 
mail-merge might b the right way.

I"m sorry I can"t help technically, but I hope you find this good advice.


Reid <rsv869 gmail com> wrote:

Hello group -

I have a task at hand that requires that I :

1)  import a list of about a hundred email address into a new distro
list and give that list a name

2) send a note to that distro list so that each entry has me as the
sender but does not see the other recipients

3) lets me ID the company name in the body of the letter that
corresponds to the address being sent.

This really isn't spam since I'm sending this as part of a job search.
I did this once in Thunderbird and I wonder if I can do it in Evolution.

Is there a way to do this in Evolution?



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