Re: [Evolution] Posting (not sending) messages

On Fri, 2010-08-06 at 11:07 +0100, Sam Liddicott wrote:
I recall many many years ago that evolution had the option to "post" a 

message to a folder (meaning save it in a folder) like Outlook could 
with it's shared folders.

Does anyone know what happened to this feature, or how to use it? I need 
it for posting messages in shared imap folders. For now I am having to 
save to drafts and then move it to the folder.

That's an interesting point. I used to use this years ago, but had
completely forgotten about it. I've no idea where it's gone.

Can I also recommend that one of the devs signs up for a free account on - they offer IMAP access to their forums.

I think you'll find that evolution 2.30.2 will load the shared folders 
and namespaces fine the first time, but when you quit and re-start 
evolution you will see that all the folders and namespaces disappear a 
while after loading. A quick visit to Folder Subscriptions will make the 
top level folders re-appear (in the left pane) even though it shows the 
whole tree of folders in Folder Subscriptions. It is them impossible to 
get the sub-folders.

Could there be a problem with your IMAP server? I have several shared
sub-folders and they work reliably. They're all branches of a single
shared tree on the server, because that's how Cyrus does it.  Also, I
don't touch the default namespace settings.


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