Re: [Evolution] Improving Evolution user docs

Hi Bharath,

On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 04:51 +0530, Bharath Acharya wrote:
  I did catch up with Phil Bull and Milo Casagrande at GUADEC 2010 and
we felt we were all on the same page that the user docs for Evolution
needed a real push for GNOME3.

Migrating the exact same 2.31.x user doc to Mallard [1] may not be a
good start. Most of the issues that our users face are documented mostly
on [2], and since the FAQ is built over the past few years based on user
queries on mailing lists and IRC, we felt that is exactly what the user
docs should ideally contain.

So this is what we feel would be ideal to do,
1) Fetch the content from the FAQ and move it to Mallard.
2) Start a new gitorious doc project for Evolution.
3) Get the good things back from the existing 2.31.x documentation.

I think Phil already has a new project done for it, and would slowly
start integrating the good pieces into it.

Yes, you can find a gitorious repo here [3]. There's only one topic at
the moment, taken straight from the FAQ. My current plan is to convert
all of the FAQ topics over to Mallard topics, then do some copyediting
and restructuring before taking everything over into

Any help with this process would be greatly appreciated!

One other issue that surfaced during our discussion,
Do we have a licensing on the FAQ page?

I talked to Michael and Andre about it. They told me it is fine to go
ahead with it, and since most of the content was uploaded by the users
themselves, the Doc team could re-license it to whatever they feel is
appropriate and use them. Revert back, if anyone feels I missed
anything. I am bad at the legal aspects of it, so if anyone else feels
this is not right, let us know.

Excellent, I'm happy as long as you guys are happy with the relicensing.
We'll use CC-BY-SA 3.0 [4].

If all goes through well, we should have the docs merged soon. And trust
me, the users would love the doc experience with the new format.




[3] -
[4] -

Phil Bull

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